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What People Are Saying

“Hi... We build emergency vehicles and after a lot of research we found that this was the best product for heavy vehicles or just light foot traffic…”
-Mark Sallada, President, 911 Rapid Response

Frequently Asked Questions
Environmentally Friendly

Performance Epoxy-Coat are approved by the USDA as safe for commercial, institutional and residential applications.
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Kit Includes


Performance Epoxy-Coat: The most durable, long lasting epoxy coating for your garage, basement, patios and more!


Click To Enlarge4.8x thicker than competitor's water based epoxy

Thicker for a single coat application

The half kit of Epoxy-Coat covers up to 250 square feet (1 car garage)

Resists most chemicals, Salt, Oil, and Hot Tires

Self leveling with no odors

Fills rough concrete and leaves no brush or roller marks

3x stronger than concrete and is perfect for concrete patching


Available Standard Colors

Available Custom Colors
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Available Flake Colors
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Epoxy-Coat Garage Floor Application Instructions

Step 1: Surface Preparation

Step 2: Mop and Rinse

Step 3: Mix and Apply

Step 4: Flake Application (Optional)

Step 5: Dry Time and Maintenance


You can review our simple step-by-step preparation and application instructions in a printable form or see our video (upper right of this page). You can do your garage floor in an afternoon!
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